Mapping Academia / The Pathways of Healing and Caring

Talking Objects Lab @New York

Discussion, Artistic Contributions and Music – Digital event in cooperation with 1014 – space for ideas, New York City (In English) on Dec 17, 21. Video recording see below.

practices of knowledge from the African continent with the question of how memory and knowledge can be decolonized. The events will take place in Senegal, Kenya and Germany, accompanied by satellite events around the world. 1014 - space for ideas is hosting one such satellite event, where the themes of Mapping Academia - Black Studies/Afro-American Studies/African Studies and The Pathways of Healing and Caring will be addressed artistically and discursively.

Mapping Academia – (European) Black Studies/Afro-American Studies/African Studies

Discussion and Music

6.30–8 pm (CET) / 12.30–2 pm (EST)

The panel discusses the current state as well as the history of Black Studies in Europe in relation to the evolution of Black Studies in the United States. Participants are invited to bring pieces of music to enhance and frame the academic discussion. With Franck Freitas-Ekué (Centre de recherches sociologiques et politiques de Paris), Alexander Ghedi Weheliye (Northwestern University, Chicago) and Noémi Michel (Université de Genève), moderated by Mahret Ifeoma Kupka.


The Pathways of Healing and Caring

Artistic Contributions and Artist Talk

8.15–9.45 pm (CET) / 2.15–3.45 pm (EST)

Video works by the artists Tabita Rezaire and Gladys Kalichini followed by a discussion with the artists. Moderated by Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe.
In Deep Down Tidal (2017), Tabita Rezaire explores the ocean as a site and medium of colonialist and neo-colonialist power structures, while also engaging with the healing power of water. Gladys Kalichini shows her work ... these practices are done in sharing her stories (2020) which deals with the invisibility of women in the history of the colonial resistance and the erasure of memory.
The screenings will be followed by a discussion with the artists about their artistic practice in the field of caring and healing and about art as a healing tool.

Curated by Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe.

Mapping Academia – Talking Objects Lab @NY
The Pathways of Healing and Caring – Talking Objects Lab @NY