The question of what knowledge can be today is at the core of our work in the Talking Objects Lab. American political scientist Cedric J. Robinson calls Black Studies a “critique of Western civilization”. Black Studies, African Studies, Afro-American Studies – how do these studies relate to each other, and how can Black knowledge be grounded in (institutional) scholarship? How can “un-learning” work in academia? As part of the Talking Objects Lab Online Talks “Mapping Academia” in December 2021, we have already talked with scholars* about this. For the LA PALABRE evening in Berlin, we would now like to open up the topic and discuss it beyond the academic context. What is black knowledge–within and outside the academic context? What empowerment and mediation strategies are there?


October 20, 18.00 h @Vierte Welt, Kottbusser Tor. For the LA PALABRE series, from July-December 2023, we invite Berlin-based researchers*, artists*, and activists to discuss the issues we have been working on over the past two years as part of TALKING OBJECTS, an artistic research project on…

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