Interview with Ann Moraa of LAM Sisterhood on the occasion of the workshop ANTI-COLONIAL APPROACHES TO NATURE in Nairobi: one-day workshop on 15 July 2022 on "Decolonizing Nature" with 15 experts from various fields, discussing about agriculture, food and related health systems, seed archives, climate change and landscape as an archive of memories.

Lost indigenous knowledge about plants, medicine and nutrition. Food as a cultural archive. Landscape as an archive of history and memory. Questioning the culture/nature dichotomy. The politicized green space.

The think tank brings together 15 experts from different fields to reflect on the decolonisation of nature. Scientists from different disciplines, artists, thinkers, activists and chefs exchange ideas, give lectures, artistic interventions, watch films, cook and eat together. Their conversations and contributions will be filmed and made available online. Parts of the programme will be shown on video and live at the GOETHE MORPH* festival in Reykjavik in September 2022.
Among others with Neo Musangi, Harriet Ng'ok, Partick Mundu, Kahira Ngige, Kegura Macharia, Rosie Olang, Martin Oduor, Suzanne Mielko, Ikal Angelei, Sam Guchu, LAM Sisterhood, Route to Food, and many more. Hosted by Chao Tayiana Maina, Njoki Ngumi and Isabel Raabe

In Cooperation with African Digital Heritage and The Nest Collective. Supported by Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

The LAM Sisterhood is an award-winning content studio that fills the world with stories for African women to feel seen, heard and beloved. From producing an original children's podcast "KaBrazen - Our rich histories for our little ones", to teaching their unique collaborative creation methods at Stanford, NYU and others, their multi-media works span multiple disciplines including film, stage, audio storytelling and experiential theatre.