Two Workshops on the Digital Collection in Dakar

What is the potential of technology for African museums? How can a digital collection contribute to the mediation, re-evaluation, dissemination and research of objects? How to digitize, technically? And how to digitize, aesthetically? Read more

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Unexpected Lessons #3

Decolonizing Romantik

Awakening, nostalgia and nationalism, Orientalism and the mystification of nature - How did Romantic Europe look at the world? And how does Romanticism shape Europe's self-image today? Read more

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Imagining an Archive for Decolonial Knowledge


A digital conversation in December 2021. With Njoki Ngumi, Jim Chuchu, Neo Musangi, Malick Ndiaye, Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe Read more

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Decolonize Objects (Re-Evaluation)

Verlust und Heilung

Es reicht nicht, in der Kolonialzeit gestohlene Kunst zurückzugeben. Es geht aber auch nicht um Schuld. Angestrebt ist eine Auseinandersetzung mit der Geschichte der kulturellen Verletzungen, der Kunst und den traditionellen Materialien, aus der heraus Neues entstehen kann. Cornelia Wilß führte mit… Read more

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African philosophy Contemporary Art Decolonize Archive (Archive practices) Knowledge Memory Museum practices Performance/Artistic Intervention Talk

Healing, as we know it, is about following a holistic approach.

Interview with Curators Mahret Ifeoma Kupka and Isabel Raabe Read more

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